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The Decentralized Blockchain Platform For Change™.

The AriseCoin™ platform allows for the creation of decentralized applications aka DAPPS and Smart Contracts, to bring life to non-profits and honest fintech innovation from around the world. Below are several developer tools, that make AriseCoin™ an extremely powerful weapon in the future of fintech innovation, while creating an honest and open platform for transparent and honest non-profit organizations.

  • AriseCoin™ SDK The AriseCoin™ SDK is the developer toolset for ACO™ DAPP creation. We have made the SDK readily available with supporting documentation. Visit to know about automated crypto trading apps that are basically driven by an specifically developed algorithm.
  • Arise-JS™, The API Console For AriseCoin™Arise-JS™ is a JavaScript library for the AriseCoin™ blockchain application platform. It allows developers to create offline transactions and broadcast them onto the network. It also allows developers to interact with the core AriseCoin™ API, for retrieval of collections and single records of data located on the AriseCoin™ blockchain. Its main benefit is that it does not require a locally installed Lisk node, and instead utilizes the existing peers on the network. It can be used from the client as a browserify compiled module, or on the server as a standard Node.js module.
  • Arise-JS™, The API Console For AriseCoin™A command line interface for bootstrapping and managing AriseCoin™ blockchain-based apps aka DAPPS. With Arise-CLI™ developers can create their own sub-blockchain within the AriseCoin™ blockchain, DAPPS, genesis blocks, keys and much more. A great piece to our growing DAPP developer toolset.